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In addition to LIDAR data, SPM data and visibility data are also important DSS information. Monitoring data of PM10 in China and Korea can also be used as one source of information on DSS blown to Japan.

SPM Data


Since DSS consists of particulate matter, monitoring results of SPM also serve as a reference for the real-time conditions of DSS blown to the ground level. However, it should also be noted that SPM monitoring data do not represent the concentrations of DSS by themselves. From "Atmospheric Environmental Regional Observation System: AEROS"(Japanese text only), click the region that you want to view, and select浮遊粒子状物質(SPM) to view the data. Please refer to the English guidance document on how to see the AEROS for your support.

PM10 Data

In addition, if you are interested in the monitoring results of particulate matters in China and Korea, please visit the following websites:



重点城市空气质量发布系統 (China)
Click the right arrow in the center four times, and then you can see the latest monitoring data and variations of hourly values within 1 day. You can see the hourly values of specific areas by selecting the name of these areas you are interested in.可吸入顆粒物 means PM10.

"AIRKOREA: Real-time Ambient Air Quality Dissemination System" (Korea)
Click the map of Korea in the top of the website, and then select "Particulate matter (PM-10)" on the left side.

N.B. Depending on the type of your browser and OS, these websites may not be viewed.

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